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Upgrade to a full year's worth of DSOs by adding our Summer, Fall (Autumn), and Winter DSO packs to your cart, and receive two of them for FREE!

Pay only $25 for all three packs and save $122 on their regular price.

Just like our Spring DSO pack, the remaining seasons are doubling in size later this year. You'll get every new object guide automatically and at no extra cost.

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Spring DSO Guides
Doubled in size
for 2024
Usually $49
Save 50%!

26 Spring Object Guides :

Twice as many objects as before, and for the lowest price ever offered!

Over a dozen star clusters and galaxies, as well as beautiful, delicate nebulae for you to discover

Suitable for the complete beginner or smaller telescope owner

Includes tougher challenges for the more experienced observer

Experience the thrill of celestial "treasure hunting"

Perfect for educating any stargazing children and grandchildren

Each guide has downloadable and printable star charts to use outside

Spot the brilliant Beehive Cluster and the elusive Ghost of Jupiter nebula

Save 50% if you act quickly, and own these guides for a lifetime

30-day Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked!

"I finally managed to see my first galaxy and cluster."

VAC Member

"We both saw our first DSOs. We're both so happy because we'd tried for so long [before the VAC] without success."

MV and Son
VAC Member

"I only just started to work my way through the VAC and it's made finding things easier already."

VAC Member

"Aut dicta commodi nostrum quidem delectus molestiae ad et ex odit."

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